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This video is a celebration of the early days of THE BLACK PENGUINS and SUPER. This entire project was possible because of SUPER. This was not planned out months in advance it just kinda happened. I found the untitled song and a post here and post there and HEY I think I got something.

Special thanks for SUPER (the app) that is dead now, and all my SUPER PEEPS for the loves and support and your art. I see every SUPER tile as a piece of art worthy of being in any museum. SUPER was a unique place of empathy rarely found online.

The goal was to just put it out there. Keep things raw. GET IT DONE. “DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT” So hope you enjoy.

I highly recommend watching this video by James Victore about “Feck Perfuction” The Best Selling Book.

Inspiration for us all:

What is SUPER the App?