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Area 51

Released September 20, 2019

I believe in Aliens. Made and released for the Storm Area 51 movement.

eric “eroctech” toledo – programing, recording, art direction


Mark it Zero (demos & outtakes) / THE BLACK PENGUINS 2011

Five years ago 3 dudes met on Craigslist, not the personal section, and made an album called “Mark it Zero” was recorded from Feb 20th to Feb 25th at warehouse #37 Gasoline Alley Chico, CA. It was cold, damp and noisy. These are the live stereo recordings made during practice on a Zoom H2.

Al Carter …. Drums, electronic drums, noises
Dave Emmert …. Bass, noises
Eric Toledo …. Guitar, samples, keys, programming, noises

It was released on Bandcamp on March 12, 2011. It’s available for free, just click the download button. It won’t hurt I swear.

Many thanks to Al & Dave for joining forces with me to create The Black Penguins. Couldn’t of done it without you.

Be sure to keep up to date on the social nets. @eroctech or #theblackpenguins etc.



ANML (deephouse throat) THE BLACK PENGUINS 13H9H

ANML (deephouse throat)

Track History [MIX1]
Animale – basemix1 / recorded in SF with Anonymous, with Reason 2.0 on a 2007 MacBook Pro Modded

Then iPhone 6 / Vinez of @eroctech sampled IRT.
Then dump down to Yamaha MT4X
Tweaky Tweakey
Then plug into my new COLUOR BOX by JHS pedals: Blackstar Amp 5w 1×12 / SM58 / Colour box / MT4X
Then mix back to Ableton only gently Mastering in /SACRAMENTOZ.
Blamo we have lift off.

Mmmm K.


Engineering Marvel

A video posted by eric toledo (@eroctech) on

The Black Penguins new album is an engineering marvel. It’s an ambient electronic noise album that looks at our connection to technology and issues of our personal privacy or lack thereof.

Dedicated to those defending our rights to privacy and freedom.

Visit, Learn, Donate @


released 15 June 2015

eric “eroctech” toledo – guitars, keys, programing, recording, and mixing using ableton live

“Miles Copeland (The Program)”
remix from “Mixtape 02”
called “Miles Copeland (Red Dawn)”

“Radio Transmissions”
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitars, drum programing, recording & mixing
bIONIX – ni maschine played live