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28 Grams

28 grams of NorCals finest cannabis lost their lives in the making of this album. 

You might say what’s the difference from any other album of yours? Well this one is named 28 Grams and I digitally infused every track with the dankest cannabis in Chico, CA. 

Thanks to Green Gold Collective for the best buds and service. 

An experiment.


Engineering Marvel

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The Black Penguins new album is an engineering marvel. It’s an ambient electronic noise album that looks at our connection to technology and issues of our personal privacy or lack thereof.

Dedicated to those defending our rights to privacy and freedom.

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released 15 June 2015

eric “eroctech” toledo – guitars, keys, programing, recording, and mixing using ableton live

“Miles Copeland (The Program)”
remix from “Mixtape 02”
called “Miles Copeland (Red Dawn)”

“Radio Transmissions”
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitars, drum programing, recording & mixing
bIONIX – ni maschine played live


Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht has been sentenced to life without parole for five non-violent counts. It is a harsher sentence than is typically given to murderers, rapists and child pornographers.

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Here is the full song “My Onion Router and DPR” by The Black Penguins off the album everything in ones and zeros.


Libreyana #25


Libreyana 25: The Profane Scapegoat Spikes the Punchbowl

Shownotes and more are available on The Libreyana Wiki at

Libreyana 25: The Profane Scapegoat Spikes the Punchbowl ©2015 Alex O’Brien | Copyright Notice | Copyright License

Libreyana 25: “The Profane Scapegoat Spikes the Punchbowl” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You should have received a copy of the license along with this work. If not, see <>.



“Cuatro” is a 7 track album from The Black Penguins. Full of electronic beats and guitars making all kind of noises.

Download the full album here: