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The Black Penguins (#TBP) were formed from the primordial ooze of rock power trio’s from the past mixed in with today’s digital age noise. An evolving project of eric “eroctech” toledo, The Black Penguins are an interactive, experimental, instrumental, post-rock, electronic, psychedelic band.

We exist solely online. We are an INTERACTIVE BAND.


eric “eroctech” toledo – Guitars, Keys, Programing, Recording and Mixing using Ableton Live as well as Art Direction. The mad scientist.

Brian Toledo – Master of Seven

Philip Patton – peejmudd

Wolfhound – Senior Ventriloquist

Lost Passion Rises – TOGETHER AS ONE V2

Past Members

Al Carter – Drums – “Mark it Zero”
David Emmert – Bass – “Mark it Zero”
Ben Colbeck – Guitar – “Malaika (live demo)”
bIONIX – “Radio Transmissions”
Canelo “the pug” – paws on wood floor, barking, final mix approval

About #TBP Music

All The Black Penguins music is CC Licensed so please use it as you please.

Feel free to download my music for FREE or if you want or you can drop me a few pesos. Take it easy and share with your friends or enemies.


For any questions or just to say hola.

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